Boxing promoter and manager Vlad "Krasivyy" Hyrunov is staging a card on Saturday night, under the WTKF [World Total Kombat Federation] banner in Minsk, Belarus.

The card will be a combination of a kickboxing tournament and MMA “WTKF GRAND PRIX.”

The broadcast of the WTKF event will be streamed for free via YouTube. The link -

The broadcast starting time is 19:00 GMT+3.

In the tournament there are two teams of five. The fights will consist of five professional fights, in five arbitrary professional categories, by mutual agreement of the teams.

There will be two team captains [although they are not competing] - heavyweight boxer Alexander Ustinov and kickboxing champion Petr Romankevich. Ustinov, who started boxing late at the age of 29, was involved in MMA and kickboxing.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the card will be held without spectators at the “Fight House” club.

Pairing of fighters - Team Ustinov vs. Team Romankevich:

Shmargun Sergey vs. Danila Kvach

Drobenec Maxim vs. Shamil Dzhamkhatov

Misko Pavel vs. Kuts Kirill

Ermolenko Daniil vs. Kazachenko Alexander

Vadim Litvin vs. Sergey Chmel