By Andrey Krikunov

IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko ,in the recent interview to Sovetsky Sport newspaper, talked about his next opponent Eddie Chambers and promised that in 2010 he would surely fight Russian Alexander Povetkin.

“Eddie Chambers is the best boxer of America," - said Wladimir. – “Believe me, I’m honest when I say it. I really think that at the moment he is the best American heavyweight. And, what’s more important, he is progressing. He used to be my sparring partner. Even then I saw that this guy not only knew how to box but also how to learn. Chambers beat Alexander Dimitrenko, who is even taller than me. So I’m not going to underestimate him, especially taking into account his record – 35 victories and only one loss."

The only loss of Chambers happened in the bout with the other contender for Klitschko’s belt – Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin.

“I watched that fight live”, - told Klitschko. – “I thought then that Eddie was too careless about that bout - came to Europe only one week before the fight, didn’t have enough time to adapt, and because of that he simply ran out of gas in the middle of the fight. As for my meeting with Povetkin, his turn will definitely come, because sooner or later I’ll have to defend my IBF title. If the injuries won’t be an obstacle, I’ll surely cross my path with Povetkin before the end of this year."