By TMZ Sports

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has stepped up the war of words and lashed out at Tyson Fury, who shocked Wladimir Klitschko last week in Germany to capture the WBO/WBA/IBF/IBO world titles.

During his appearance on TMZ Sports, Wilder promised to mess up Fury's face so badly that his mother won't recognize him and his wife will threaten to leave him.

And he wasn't impressed with Fury's post-victory singing - calling it "horrible."

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“I’m going to make it so bad for him. I’m going to destroy him so that even his own mother won't even recognize his face. I can’t wait. He can call me anything he wants, but when it comes to the night of the fight, when it’s me and him in that ring, where there’s no substitution, and there’s no Plan-B - that’s when it all matters. I can’t wait," Wilder told TMZ Sports.

"Of course it adds a little fuel to the fire when they talk reckless, but I go in there and punish him. I consider myself like mafia style. I don’t really exchange words too much. I just let my actions speak for my words."

"Of course that [singing Fury did after beating Wladimir] was horrible. When we fight, that's definitely going to be a song that he sing to his wife, because she’s definitely going to want to leave him after I mess his face."