The president of the World Boxing Council , Mauricio Sulaimán believes boxing, due to the conditions that are required for fighting, will return quicker than other sports.

At the moment just about every sport is on pause due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

During an interview with ESPN Radio Fórmula , the boxing leader explained why boxing could return before other team sports and how boxing functions can be carried out, such as the one that occurred on April 25 in Nicaragua .

“Boxing is a sport that can be turned around much easier. The contagion of ( COVID-19 ) is not by blood or sweat, apparently. In soccer, in baseball, there is natural contact in the sport. In boxing it's simple: they are two athletes, one against one. )In other sports) there are more complicated logistics, "said Sulaimán.

He acknowledged that the WBC is already working to prevent an outbreak during functions and also to protect the boxers themselves.

"We are putting together a protocol that can serve as a guide for boxing commissions and promoters to box with maximum security and take care of functions behind closed doors," said Sulaimán.

Regarding the event held a couple of weeks ago, he indicated that the way in which it was organized was very close to the recommendations issued by the health authorities.

"We have to be fair in the sense that in Nicaragua there are no restrictions, baseball followed, soccer followed and now boxing is the only function and it was a great surprise. I liked what I saw; I saw order, and the protocols were followed,” Sulaiman said.

Finally, he reported that the WBC reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic with online conferences for the boxing community with international figures, offering talks in both English and Spanish.