By Mark Vester

During a recent coversation with's James Blears, WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko called out WBA champion Nikolai Valuev to a unification bout. Klitschko came out of retirement after four years on October 11, stopping Samuel Peter to capture the WBC title.

Vitali's younger brother Wladimir holds the WBO and IBF versions of the heavyweight crown. Valuev holds the remaining belt and Vitali wants to add it to the Klitschko family. At seven-foot and weighing well over 300-pounds, Valuev is one the few fighters in the sport who is taller than both Klitschko brothers.

"Valuev is the biggest heavyweight champion in history. He's huge and dangerous, this won't be easy and I don't want to underestimate him," Vitali told Blears at the WBC's annual convention in China. "It will be a difficult fight, but we have a dream, and we are going to make it come true, by taking the last belt for the Klitschko family."

Vitali says he is willing to fight him in a major stadium overseas, including a venue lcoated on neutral ground in London.

"My message to Valuev is that this isn't about size, but internal quality, so let's see who's the strongest and the best. Why not Kiev, Moscow or London? We'd have to do this in a stadium which holds thirty or forty thousand people or more," Vitali said.

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