First Vanes Martirosyan called out the junior middleweight -

Then WBC junior middleweight champion Sergio Martinez answered the call -

Now Vanes has come out swinging at the recent comments that were made by Martinez.

By Vanes Martirosyan

The only reason your name wasn't mentioned is that, at the time, I had some respect for you. We had met once and I thought of you as a respectable guy. Well, apparently I was wrong because you're sounding like a d*ck [by] calling me a p*ssy. Have your people get with my people [and] let's make it happen. Let's see if you are a man of your word. You better not run because that night I will show [you] who's got the big d*ck and who's got the p*ssy.

[The] WBC belt is coming my way [whether you] like it or not. I just thought I would let you enjoy it a little while longer before I snatch it away - b*tch!!!! But I guess you want to get rid of it sooner than I thought!