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Uzcategui: I Hope Dirrell Isn't a Coward - Gives Me a Rematch!

By Ryan Burton

On May 20th, Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui squared off for the interim IBF super middleweight championship. The fight was ordered when full champion James DeGale needed surgery after his grueling draw against Badou Jack in January.

Uzcategui was leading on two cards, with one even, when the bout was stopped after the eighth round. Uzcategui had sent Dirrell to the canvas face versus after unloading a three piece combination at the bell. 

The final punch was questionably ruled to have came after the bell and referee Bill Clancy didn't rule whether the final blow was intentional or accidental and disqualified Uzcategui. If he had ruled the punch unintentional, the fight would have gone to the scorecards and Uzcategui would have been the victor.

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BoxingScene.com recently caught up with Uzcategui to get his thoughts on the fight now that a couple months have passed and he has had time to reflect.

"Now that some time has passed what I remember the most is that I didn't think it was a late punch. What I want is that he doesn't act like a coward and that he gives me a rematch and not just because I want one but because all the fans that saw me winning the fight want to see it too," said Uzcategui.

The IBF has ordered a rematch because of the multiple errors made by the referee and while Uzcategui has made it very clear that he wants the rematch, he isn't holding his breathe that Dirrell will actually face him again.

"I don't think that he will accept a rematch but talking man to man, if he loves this sport like I do then he needs to be man enough to give me the rematch," Uzcategui told BoxingScene.com.

When Uzcategui was in his corner after the fight, Dirrell's uncle and trainer Leon Lawson landed his own combination, sucker punching the unsuspecting Venezuelan with his bare fists and adding more fuel to the fighters' rivalry. He is currently awaiting sentencing for his transgressions.

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