By Dmitry Mikhalchuk and Alexey Sukachev

As was previously reported by, on March 18, comebacking Ukrainian welterweight Valentyn Golovko had scored his victory by stopping overmatched and faded compatriot Valentyn Kuts in two easy rounds.

This bout had taken its place in Lviv, Western Ukraine, under Alex Khanas’ Fight Promotions. The loss was the fifth straight for Kuts, whose last win occurred more than five years ago.

It turned out that Kuts was not only a faded version of his former self (in his past the Kiev native had a win over Sam Rukundo among others) but that he was also absolutely not motivated to fight Golovko, showing zero desire to offer any resistance to his opponent when faced off in the ring.

After a careful review of recorded action, Ukrainian National League of Professional Boxing has ruled the following:

• The fight will be annulled with its result being changed to “No Contest”;

• Valentyn Kuts will be sentenced to a year-long ban (disqualification) from participation in prize fighting tournaments for “evident simulation and unwillingness to box”

• A note should be sent to Ukrainian promoters, managers and matchmakers to urge them upon a wider and better usage of the best practices, excluding mismatches and uncompetitive affairs.

Thus, Golovko’s record is still 22-1, 15 KOs, while Kuts is 22-5, with 8 KOs.