Boxing fans starved for trading cards have a new option to consider for their cardboard collections.

Topps will commemorate Muhammad Ali with a card set billed as “The People's Champ” portraying iconic moments of the all-time great’s life and career.

Two new cards will debut every Tuesday through the Topps site and have a sales window of seven days. Ali enthusiasts will be able to purchase each card for $9.99 or both for $17.49.

Once the drop is complete over the next 50 weeks, the collection will feature a total of 100 cards.

Topps will also tap into its decades-long card designs across all sports in its portrayal of Ali. The cards could be had for as little as $3.50 each if they’re bought in bulk.

The first pair that was released features Ali as Cassius Clay Jr. winning the 1960 Olympics gold medal, and converting to Islam. The first installment can be purchased until Jan. 26, and then a new pair will be unveiled.

“Muhammad Ali shook the world from an early age and continued throughout his entire life in an outside the ring,” the Topps website reads. “Topps has put together a retrospect of the man considered the greatest of all time. For every card, a /56 Black (for the number of fights Ali won in his career), /10 Red, /5 Silver, or 1/1 Yellow Gold card will be randomly inserted into print runs.”

Ali has been immortalized through trading card sets in previous years. Leaf made several editions between 2011 and 2016 and Upper Deck released the Muhammad Ali Master Collection in 2000.

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