By Ryan Burton

Newly crowned WBO super lightweight champion Terence Crawford (26-0) took a few rounds to get warmed up during his 6th round TKO victory over Thomas Dulorme this past Saturday night.  Once he did get warmed up, he dropped Dulorme three times.  A big right hand sent Dulorme to the canvas early in the sixth and he was never able to recover.

After the fight Crawford said that he never goes into a fight planning on knocking out his opponent but felt that fans and insiders alike underestimated his power.

"I never go in there expecting a knock out.  If it comes it comes. I never look for it.  I told everybody I was strong.  Everybody was talking about his power and nobody was talking about mine.  I think they forgot about me.  I had to make them remember me.  I feel in all my fights I hurt every last one of my opponents. And I just think by him being a so called puncher - my power was overshadowed," Crawford explained.

When Crawford spoke to after the post-fight press conference, he said that once he knew Dulorme was hurt, he had to go for the kill.  He said that letting your opponent off the hook can spell trouble later on in the fight.

"When you hurt somebody you gotta get him out of there.  I felt that I hurt him and I knew I had to put the pedal to the metal.  If you get him hurt you gotta get him out of there.  You never know because the next round he might hurt you.  You gotta get him out of there," Crawford stated.

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