by David P. Greisman

Terence Crawford says he wasn’t bothered by the booing that rained down on him and his opponent during his decision win over Andrey Klimov.

“I already knew what they wanted. They wanted a fan-friendly fight, being that Miguel Cotto is the main event, and the type of fights that he be in,” Crawford said at the post-fight press conference. “They wanted us to slug it out and all that, but if I can get the job done easily and take less punishment and not be in a rough fight, that’s the smart thing to do.”

Klimov fought a very tentative fight, barely engaging or allowing himself to be in danger. He threw just 290 punches over the course of 10 rounds, landing just 57. He was 28 of 131 in power punches, according to CompuBox.

Crawford didn’t press the fight to try to end it early, though he was far more active and accurate, throwing 604 punches and landing 192. He was 104 of 239 with his power shots, a 44 percent connect rate, and 88 of 365 with jabs.

“My job is to go in there and fight and win,” Crawford said. “The crowd is not in there fighting. They can’t really tell me how to fight my fight.”

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