By Kevin Francis, courtesy of The Daily Star

AMIR KHAN’S furious team have hit out at the scoring of his shock world title defeat to Lamont Peterson.

Khan’s manager Asif Vali is livid that one of the judges changed his score card AFTER handing in his round score.

He also claimed there were at least two recounts, one of which took place 20 minutes after the controversial split decision had already been announced and dejected Khan was back in his dressing room.

Khan lost his WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles after being docked two points for pushing by referee Joseph Cooper in Peterson’s home city of Washington.

Judge George Hill initially awarded round seven to Khan 10-8 before the scores were crossed out and reversed in favour of Peterson.

Hill’s score was given as 112-11 to Petersen, the same score as fellow judge Valerie Dorsett gave.

Vali wants an inquiry into the scoring as well as the performance of Cooper and said: “It was chaotic and amateurish. The cards are taken by the commissioner at the end of each round and a cumulative total is carried right to the end of the fight.

“We were told in the ring at the final bell that Amir had won the fight but then, incredibly, just before Michael Buffer announced the decision, we were told ‘Hang on, we have made a mistake in the counting’. It took about eight minutes for everything to be sorted out with the decision eventually going to Peterson.

“We demanded to see the original cards but we were denied that opportunity. Then, when the final overall card from all of the judges was shown to us, there were crossings out and we saw that change in round seven.”

There was further farce when judge Nelson Vasquez’s score was read out as 114-111 in favour of Khan, even though his scorecard stated 115-110.

Vali added: “There were some serious mistakes made here, having an amateur referee like that in charge.

“He made a big call, a huge call – so do you think anyone is going to want to come back here?”

Khan will be given the chance to put the record straight with a rematch against Peterson on March 31 in Las Vegas.

Khan’s trainer Freddie Roach was particularly angry with the performance of Cooper, who controversially docked him a point in the seventh and 12th rounds.

Roach said: “The referee shouldn’t decide fights like that – the judges should. The referee took control of the situation.

“His decision to take away a point in the final round of such a close fight was uncalled for – very fixed. It was the worst refereeing job I have seen in a long time.

“It’s ridiculous. Peterson fought his heart out and so did Amir and it was a close fight. But the referee should not have decided it.”