By Jhonny Gonzalez

The team of WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto are planning to meet with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is on vacation in Puerto Rico. Attorney Gabriel Peñagaricano, who is Cotto's adviser, confirmed the meeting to reporter Joseph Sanchez.

“We have communicated (with Mayweather Jr.) and knew of his visit. We plan meet and talk about a little matter that I am not at liberty to discuss," Peñagaricano added.

Before rumors start running wild in the media, Peñagaricano was very quick to point out that a face to face meeting between Cotto and Mayweather does not suggest the two boxers will discuss a potential fight. spoke with several sources in Puerto Rico about the details of the meeting. From what it appears, the two boxers are going to discuss co-promoting events.

Last month Cotto cut a deal with Golden Boy Promotions to co-promote events in Puerto Rico. The deal shocked many in the sport because Cotto is promoted by Golden Boy's rival, Top Rank. Mayweather has his own promotional company, Mayweather Promotions, and has interest in promoting events on the island. Mayweather works in a very close manner with Golden Boy.

"These are separate issues," said Peñagaricano. "He (Mayweather), besides being a boxer in a division similar to that of Miguel, is a promoter, like Miguel, and is interested in developing fighters. And he also came here for other issues, apart from business. He's on vacation."

Cotto himself made it clear that he has two years remaining on his contract with Top Rank and any fight, including Mayweather, would have to go through his promoter.