By Pablo Freight,

With trainer Rosendo Alvarez acting as a mediator, former champin Ricardo Mayorga and promoter Don King smoked a peace pipe over the weekend in Florida. And that reconciliation is happened because King apparently negotiated a very good contract for Mayorga "to confront the German Felix Sturm" on the 4th of September in Cologne, Germany, for the middleweight title of the World Boxing Association (WBA). 

"I am happy with this fight and the  negotiating that we did with Mr. King", Mayorga told by telephone.  "I know I said many bad things about him to few days ago, but  I want to publicly apologize for what I said and look forward to working with him to win a new title."

According to Rosendo Álvarez, who also yesterday participated in the negotiations, Mayorga and King agreed the fight for September 4 with Sturm, signing the contract by a "good sum" that did not want to reveal.  According Rosendo Alvarez, who also participated in the negotiations over the weekend, and King and Mayorga agreed to the fight on September 4 with Sturm, and signed the contract for a "good sum" but he would not reveal it.

Moreover, Mayorga signed the document that allows King to recoup his $1 million dollars that he deposited with a court in Florida to prevent the participation of the Nicaraguan fighter in M M A. But this agreement also meant a signing bonus for Mayorga, which he already has in his hands.

"We get along without problems and now we have the fight for the 4th of September in Germany with Sturm," said Alvarez, who always represented himself as Mayorga's coach but now he will also act as his new manager because Carl King was pushed aside as part of the negotiations on Friday. 

Mayorga and Alvarez are already planning to begin training camp in Cleveland. Mayorga has not fought since September of 2008 when he was knocked out in the last second of the twelfth round by Shane Mosley. Now he only waits for the approval of the WBA to collide with Sturm for the title at 160 pounds.