By Ryan Burton recently caught up with WBC/Ring Magazine light heavyweight champion Adonis "Superman" Stevenson who faces Dmitry Sukhotsky on December 19th in Quebec City, Quebec.  If he gets past Sukhotsky, Stevenson is tentatively scheduled to face his mandatory challenger Jean Pascal on April 4th.

The 37-year-old Stevenson finds it humorous that Pascal is even ranked the number #1 contender.  He pointed out that in his last fight he fought Lucian Bute who had just moved up from 168 pounds and was supposed to fight Donovan George, another 168 pound fighter, on Bute's undercard on December 6th.  Bute ended up pulling out of the fight with an injury and Pascal will face Roberto Bolonti (who was originally scheduled to face Bute) instead.

"Who has he fought since Hopkins?  He fought Bute who is a 168 pound fighter who had just lost to Carl Froch.  He fought two guys who were easy fights and then he wanted to fight Donovan George who is also at168.  He fights only super middleweights and not light heavyweights.  Then he gets the #1 ranking which was a gift and he thinks he's big.  Now he fights another guy that I don't know about.  I think he might be ranked #10 but he was supposed to fight Donovan George but at the last minute he fights Bolonti," said Stevenson.

Stevenson took a shot at Pascal for being scheduled to fight on the undercard of the fighter he had beaten in January.  He said that is something that he had never even heard of.

"He was supposed to fight on the undercard and Bolonti was supposed to fight Bute.  He was going to fight on the undercard of the guy he beat (laughing)," said Stevenson.

"That is why he is a clown.  I have never seen in my life in boxing where you just beat this guy and now you fight on this guy's undercard with no TV.  I have never seen that ever.  He says he sells all of these tickets so after the fight I want to see if he sold 15,000 tickets because he says he such a ticket seller.  He is an undercard fighter.  That is it.  That is why I don't worry about him.  He is a clown."

Stevenson mocked Pascal even further by saying how can he as an undercard fighter ask for a 50-50 split for their proposed showdown?

"I really don't understand how you fight on a guy you beats undercard and then you say you want 50% to fight me (laughing).  This is an undercard fighter asking for 50% when you have to fight on a guy you just beats undercard?  I will never in my life give you 50%.  Never, never, never.  He just acts like a clown," Stevenson told

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