by Bob Canobbio

Floyd Mayweather has fought two rematches in his 47-fight, 18-year career- vs. Marcos Maidana and Jose Luis Castillo.  In his rematch win over Maidana, Mayweather threw a career low (for a 12-round fight- 16 fights) 326 punches.  His previous low was 399 punches thrown- vs. Castillo in 2002 in a rematch of a fight in which many felt Castillo won.  Maidana did enough in their first fight to merit a rematch.  With some help from ref Kenny Bayless, Mayweather controlled the pace of the rematch and as a result, Maidana threw 270 fewer punches and landed 97 fewer.  

In their first meeting, Maidana landed 221 punches on Mayweather, the most punches landed by a Mayweather opponents in 38 of his fights tracked by CompuBox.  Maidana also landed 185 power shots in the first fight- a record for a Mayweather opponent.   Mayweather landed 230 punches vs. Maidana I and 166 in rematch.

Castillo outlanded Mayweather  203-157 in total punches and 173-66  in power shots  in their first meeting.   Fighting at a Mayweather induced slower pace in the rematch, Castillo landed just 137 total punches  and 101 power shots .   Mayweather landed 162 punches in the rematch and 157 in the first fight.



326              W 12 Maidana II

399              W 12 Castillo II

426              W 12 (maj) Maidana I

441              W 12 Judah

448              W 12 Castillo I

Maidana landed 44% fewer punches in rematch 

Maidana landed 34% of his power shots in first fight and 26% in rematch

Castillo landed 33% fewer punches in rematch 

Castillo landed 46% of his power shots in first fight and 24% in rematch