By Rick Reeno

Sources with knowledge of the details have advised that Polish heavyweight Marisuz Wach (31-2, 17KOs) tested positive for a banned substance in the aftermath of his TKO defeat to Alexander Povetkin on November 4th in Kazan, Russia.

The testing claim against Wach was issued by the Russian Boxing Federation. 

There is no confirmation on whether or not RUSADA [Russian Anti-Doping Agency] was handling the drug testing for the fight. It should be noted that RUSADA was suspended by the World Anti-Doping Agency on November 18th [12 days after the fight], after being accused of covering up positive drug tests for Russian Athletes.

There is still a lot of information that is yet to be confirmed. The banned substance in question has yet to be revealed. There is also no confirmation as to whether or not a second organization was present to regulate and oversee the testing of both fighters.

A source in Poland confirmed to BoxingScene that Wach has yet to be paid for the fight. The Polish fighter is disputing the test result and his team is investigating the matter.

Wach did test positive for an anabolic steroid in his loss to Wladimir Klitschko in 2012. He was suspended for several months and then returned nearly two years later.

"Wach has not been paid and it's been 34 days after the fight. There were countless excuses for weeks over non-payment and then all of a sudden a letter comes in on Tuesday, regarding a testing issue. This is very shady business and the matter is being investigated. Wach is clean as a whistle. He got in trouble once and he took his punishment. He is no dummy and he did nothing wrong here. If there was an issue, why did it take 34 days? Just look at the track record of what is going with the drug testing in Russia," the source told