By Robert Morales

Promoter Bob Arum said last week on that he doesn't think there would be any real money in a fight between welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao and junior welterweight champ Timothy Bradley should a fight not get made between Pacquiao and Mayweather.

"No," Arum said. "Bradley is an excellent fighter, but nobody's ever heard of him. Very few people have heard of him. It has nothing to do with his abilities. He's a very able guy. But he hasn't been promoted so that he's like a household name where he could be a viable pay-per-view opponent."

Gary Shaw, who co-promotes Bradley, strenuously begged to differ when asked Wednesday about Arum's not-so-flattering comments.

"Timothy Bradley is more known than Joshua Clottey [promoted by Arum], so Bob is being disingenuous when he says Bradley is not a household name," Shaw said; Pacquiao fought Clottey in March. "Joshua Clottey was anything but a household name. Joshua Clottey is not even from the U.S.

"What Bob should have told you is he prefers to fight his fighters against his own fighters, so if one gets knocked off, he's got the other fighter. Why is he talking about a rematch against Miguel Cotto or a fight against (Antonio) Margarito, who isn't even licensed? He is not talking about fighting other fighters. There would be a lot of interest in a Bradley fight, but I can't make Bob fight my fighters."

Cotto, who was stopped by Pacquiao in the 12th round last November, and Margarito are both promoted by Arum. Margarito has yet to regain his license in the U.S. after having it revoked by the California State Athletic Commission after being busted for illegal hand wraps before his January 2009 fight against Mosley. Arum has said Margarito and Cotto are the two leading candidates to fight Pacquiao if an accord with Mayweather is not reached.