Amanda 'The Real Deal' Serrano prefers to look to the future and walk past the recent drug testing controversy involving her most recent opponent, Heather Hardy.

Last month, Serrano won a unanimous decision over Hardy to capture the featherweight world title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) reported that an "A" sample collected from Hardy produced an adverse result, with the presence of furosemide, an illegal substance used to lose weight or to mask other substances.

Serrano said she agreed to submit to VADA's scrutiny at Hardy's request and, therefore, is "disappointed" by the accusations toward her opponent.

"It didn't matter what was taken, she couldn't beat me," Serrano said to Carlos Gonzalez.

“That shows that I am a true champion. I can say that I don't do things to cheat in sports. All my achievements have been thanks to the work and dedication."

Hardy published a written communication on social media to explain the result. She shared that he took a prescription medication to treat certain conditions of the heart and kidneys. Hardy stated that she ingested the pills to counteract the swelling caused by her menstrual cycle.

“She (Hardy) was the one who asked us to get tested and tested positive. I feel disappointed not because she could have taken something, but because of her actions later. She has not admitted it. She has my phone number and she hasn't called me to apologize. I thought we were friends, but she didn't give an explanation,” Serrano said.

Serrano said he will continue to participate in the Clean Boxing Program of the World Boxing Council (WBC).

"The (boxers) who want to fight against me know that they will do the tests that are necessary," Serrano concluded.