By Edward Chaykovsky

News broke on Wednesday regarding an internal rift between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his longtime adviser, Leonard Ellerbe, who is also the CEO of Mayweather Promotions.

Mayweather is apparently unhappy with the way Ellerbe, and other team members, handled certain details connected with last Saturday's Showtime Pay-Per-View at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

"Leonard, I think we're just getting to a point where we're outgrowing each other. I think I just see things my way and I think he sees things in another way. For example, this time around when I went out and fought, my WBC and WBA titles in both weight classes were on the line and I didn't approve of that at all. That's something I didn't approve of," Mayweather told Ben Thompson of

"Also, my daughter was sitting in the front row and her mother wasn't sitting next to her, so the ticket arrangements were totally wrong. It just got to a point to where everyone wants to do what they want to do instead of communicating and compromising like we used to. We got to this point by us communicating and compromising.

"There's just a lot of other things within our team that's just not right. Leonard wasn't in my corner, so, you know, it's not any hard feelings. It's just people outgrow one another. I'm not mad at him. There's no hard feeling like I hate the guy; not at all. No hard feelings whatsoever. People just outgrow one another, just like when people get a divorce. They're no longer on the same page mentally."

There have been rumors for months that Richard Schaefer, the former CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, would eventually join Mayweather's company by taking over Ellerbe's position.

When Schaefer left Golden Boy in June, he was expected to join Mayweather and his adviser Al Haymon. But then Golden Boy dragged him into arbitration, claiming millions of dollars in damages. They also claim Schaefer is under-contract to them until 2018. Until that situation is sorted out, Schaefer is forced to sit on the shelf.

When he was reached for comment regarding the friction between Mayweather and Ellerbe, Schaefer distanced himself from the situation.

“I don’t know what’s going on, and I don’t have any inside information about what Floyd said,” Schaefer told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “I am retired for the time being, and Floyd is my friend and Leonard is my friend, and I wish them both nothing but the best.”