Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico – A month-ago in Carson, California Orlando “Siri” Salido and Francisco “Bandido” Vargas engaged in a fight for the ages giving the fans the fireworks they promised and then some as they battle for 12 rounds in what still considered by the experts at the fight of the year so far in 2016.

“It was a thrilling night for me and my fans, but also for everyone that follows the sport. Only disappointing thing that night was the result. I felt I did enough to win the fight and many people felt that I won,” said Salido who came away with only a draw that night in California.

It was a bitter sweet night for the warrior from Ciudad Obregon, who was hoping to take home the World Boxing Council (WBC) belt, a championship he has coveted since he was a child and what got interested in boxing when saw his idol Julio Cesar Chavez wearing after a fight.

“I has always dream of wearing the belt around my waist and felt I was denied what I earned in the ring that night against Vargas. I also believed I earned a rematch and the opportunity to once again battle for the belt,” said Salido.

But while Vargas speaks about future fights and opponents that name of Salido is absent from that list of future rivals.

“I felt after the fight that Vargas would welcome a rematch to clear all the doubts but a month later I yet to hear my name mention in his future plans and that is also very disappointing. I have always faced the best fighters and I hope Vargas what’s to do the same,” added Salido.

Salido who was in New York to see the Vasyl Lomachenko and Rocky Martinez fight, is also hoping that Lomachenko would like a rematch with him.

“He looked great against Rocky Martinez, but I am not Rocky and I did beat Lomachenko once already and would do so again. They keep saying he is a lot better now than he was when he faced me the first time, well he still has to prove it to me inside the ring,” said Salido.

So as the United States is celebrating another 4th of July with Fireworks today, let’s no forget that great night of Fireworks that Salido gave us a month ago and what he has given us in his last four fights, all of them worthy of consideration for Fight of the Year.