By Francisco Jarquín Soto,

After the demonstration of power from Roman "Chocolatito" González on Saturday night, when he blasted out Mexico's Valentine "Picoco" León in three rounds in Nicaragua, the boxer is looking ahead to a world title defense of his WBC super flyweight crown, likely on a date in May - according to his legal adviser and manager Carlos Blandon.

"For now we must wait for the elimination bout between Edgar Sosa and the Thai fighter [Nawaphon Sor Rungvisai]. We're not sure when they will face each other, although it has been said, not officially, that perhaps it will happen in March. The winner of that match will face our champion," Blandon said.

Blandon said Gonzalez is already getting ready to jump right back in the gym.

"And hopefully by early April, we could send him to Los Angeles. But those are things that we still need to discuss with him. The ideal period would be around April in the United States, so he can be prepared as best as possible for the second defense of the 112-pound title," he said .

"This year, there are many plans with Román. We do not rule out the possibility of seeking a fourth world crown at 115 pounds against Naoya Inoue. But that is only a possibility. The important thing is to go step by step and right now I would think that his next fight in May.

Supposedly, Roman's next fight could take place on May 9 in Houston, Texas - as part of the Saul Alvarez-James Kirkland undercard.

"If everything goes as planned, the elimination bout between Sosa and the Thai, then Texas could be the next stop for Roman. The possible fight with Juan Francisco" Gallo "Estrada is further away than ever before, because I have not heard from his promoter Fernando Beltran since the last time I saw him," Blandon said.

"Ideally, the 'Chocolatito' finish this year with the fourth title in his hands and celebrate with him throughout Nicaragua, the reality is that this is only a possibility." Carlos Blandon, seized Román González.