By Alexey Sukachev

The weights are in for tomorrow's big event at Moscow's Olympiisky Sports Complex in Russia. WBC heavyweight world champion Vitali Klitschko and his undefeated German challenger Manuel Charr went face to face. Klitschko weighed in at 248.5-pounds, with Charr a shade lighter at 241.75-pounds.

Charr said: "This fight, I hope, is a fight for the freedom of the world. You will tomorrow see the best fight you have seen in the world."


Svetlana Kulakova - 139.75

Irina Bartash - 140

Ayup Arsaev - 125.5

Khavazhy Khatsygov - 126

Maxim Vlasov

Khoren Gevor

Promotional issues. The fight can be prevented by Art Pellulo. No agreement as of now.

Andrey Meryasev - 160

Muhitdin Rajapbaev - to be weighed in later

Vyacheslav Glazkov - 224.5

Konstantin Airich - 226

Magomed Abdusalamov - 229.5

Jameel McCline - 265

Vitali Klitschko - 248.5

Manuel Charr - 241.75