By Rick Reeno

It didn’t take long for Paulie Malignaggi’s phone to start ringing. Earlier today, posted a news brief pertaining to Michael Marley’s recent interview with Texas judge Gale Van Hoy. Malignaggi’s beef with Van Hoy is no secret to BoxingScene readers. A few days before the actual fight with Juan Diaz, Maligngagi went on the record with BoxingScene to publicly voice his concerns about the officiating in Houston, Texas. The one individual, who stood in Malignaggi’s mind as a biased official, was Gale Van Hoy. After the official scores came down last Saturday night, it was no surprise to Malignaggi that Van Hoy’s card was a one-sided 118-110 ledger for Diaz.

“I told everyone this would happen. Some of the spoke out against it and other actually defended the corruption by saying that I was making up excuses before the fight. Nothing was done about this situation going into the fight. I pleaded for help. I said would f*ck me, how they would f*ck me and it happened exactly how I said it would,” Malignaggi said.

Van Hoy’s response to his inefficient scoring was quite interesting. He said Malignaggi’s jab wasn’t hard enough and Diaz blocked most of them with his gloves. 

As soon as Malignaggi became aware of Van Hoy’s comments, he dropped a call to BoxingScene to issue a swift response.

“I found this very funny. The punches weren't hard enough? Diaz’s face must have cut up on its own. I have a very heavy jab. What about the fact that I threw 300 more punches than him? What about the fact that my jab stopped him from getting off with his own punches. Very rarely does any opponent out-throw Juan Diaz,” Malignaggi said to BoxingScene.

“And when the hell did we establish the power of a jab? If they were all being blocked, then what was I doing with Diaz's left hook? I caught and blocked most of them. I blocked most of his right hands with my left shoulder. I came into the fight with a cut. It opened up and he added no further damage to it but I cut his ass up all over the place. A lot of people watched this fight and 98 to 99% of them had me winning.”

“He says he's not a hometown judge? I have a list of his fights. Don't worry, Mr. Van Hoy, this is not over. I am not going away any time soon. He should keep his mouth shut because he's only digging his own grave even deeper."