Boxing History - 1970's

The 1970's


Feb 15 - Ex-lightweight champion Carlos (Teo) Cruz, 32, and his family die in plane crash off the coast of Dominican Republic.

Feb 16 - Joe Frazier unifies the heavyweight title when Jimmy Ellis, floored twice in the fourth, is unable to answer the bell for round five, New York.

June 29 - Sonny Liston stops Chuck Wepner, 10 rounds, Jersey city, in last fight of career.

Aug 4 - George Foreman stops George Chuvalo, three rounds, New York

Sept 26 - Ken Buchanan defeats Ismael Lafuna, 15 rounds, San Juan, to win lightweight title.

Oct 16 - Chucho Castillo hands Ruben Olivares the first loss if his career, stopping him because of a severe cut over his left eye, 14 rounds, Inglewood, to win bantam title.

Oct 20 - Ted (Kid) Lewis, 75, dies in London.

Oct 26 - In his first fight in 3 1/2 years, Muhammad Ali stops Jerry Quarry on a badly cut left eye, three rounds, Atlanta.

Nov 7 - Carlos Monzon KOs Nino Benvenuti, 12 rounds, Rome, to win middleweight title.

Nov 18 - Joe Frazier KOs light heavyweight champion Bob Foster, two rounds, Detroit, to retain heavyweight title.

Dec 30 - Former heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston, listed as 38, is alleged to have died from a morphine overdose, Las Vegas.


March 8 - In the fight of the decade, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali clash at Madison Square Garden. Ali scores repeatedly with his jab, lumping and bloodying Frazier's face, but Frazier wears down Ali to the body, then floors him in the 15th en route to and unanimous decision to retain heavyweight title.

June 1 - In the last scheduled 20 round bout in boxing history, Brian Kelly stops Alonzo Harris, 10 rounds, Oklahoma City.

June 4 - Jose Napoles stops Billy Backus, to regain welterweight title, Inglewood.

July 26 - Muhammad Ali stops Jimmy Ellis, 12 rounds, Houston, to win vacant NABF heavyweight title.

Sept 13 - Ken Buchanan defeats Ismael Laguna, 15 rounds, New York, to retain lightweight title.

Sept 25 - Carlos Monzon stops Emile Griffith, 14 rounds, Buenos Aires, to retain middleweight title.

Dec 14 - Ruben Olivares stops Jesus Pimentel, 11 rounds, Inglewood, to retain bantam title.


Feb 18 - Mando Ramos defeats Pedro Carrasco, 15 rounds, Los Angeles, to win WBC lightweight title.

April 7 - Bob Foster flattens Vincente Rondon, two rounds, Miami Beach, to reunify light heavyweight title.

April 25 - Ben Villaflor, just 19, defeats Alfredo Marcano, 15 rounds, Honolulu, to win jr. lightweight title.

June 26 - Roberto Duran stops Ken Buchanan, 13 rounds, New York, to win lightweight title.

June 27 - Muhammad Ali stops Jerry Quarry, seven rounds, Las Vegas, to retain NABF heavyweight title.

Sept 20 - Muhammad Ali stops Floyd Patterson, seven rounds, New York, to retain NABF heavyweight title in Patterson's last fight.

Nov 17 - In a non-title shocker, Roberto Duran gets floored in the first by Esteban DeJesus and loses his first fight via a10 round decison, New York.

Nov 21 - Muhammad Ali floors light heavyweight champion Bob Foster eight times before KOing him ,eight rounds, Stateline, Nev, but not before suffering the only cut of his career.


Jan 22 - George Foreman floors Joe Frazier, six times, stopping him in two rounds, Kingston, to win heavyweight title.

Jan 24 - WBA Flyweight champion Masao Ohba, 23, dies in traffic accident near Tokyo.

March 31 - Ken Norton breaks Muhammad Ali's jaw en route to winning NABF heavyweight title, 12 rounds, San Diego.

April 15 - Rafael Herrera stops Rodolfo Martinez, 12 rounds, Monterrey, to win vacant WBC bantam title.

Sept 10 - Muhammad Ali defeats Ken Norton, 12 rounds, Los Angeles, to regain NABF heavyweight title.


Jan 28 - Muhammad Ali defeats Joe Frazier, 12 rounds, New York, to retain NABF heavyweight title.

Feb 9 - Carlos Monzon stops welterweight champion Jose Naples, seven rounds, Paris, to retain middleweight title.

Feb 16 - Ernesto Marcel defeats Alexis Arguello, 15 rounds, Panama City to retain WBA feather title. Soon afterwards he retires and vacates the title. 

March 16 - Roberto Duran, down again in the first round, come back to KO Esteban DeJesus, 11 rounds, Panama City, to retain lightweight title.

March 28 - George Foreman stops Ken Norton, two rounds, Caracas, to retain heavyweight title.

July 17 - Bob Foster draws with Jorge Ahumanda, 15 rounds, Albuquerque, to retain light heavy title. Three months later, Foster retires.

Sept 7 - Bobby Chacon stops Alredo Marcano, nine rounds, Los Angeles, to win WBC feather title.

Oct 30 - Muhammad Ali shocks the world again, letting George Foreman wear himself out pounding Ali against the ropes, then KOing Foreman, eight rounds, Kinshasa, Zaire, to win heavyweight title a second time.

Nov 23- Alexis Arguello KOs Ruben Oliveras, 13 rounds, Inglewood, to win WBA feather title.

Nov 29 - Former heavyweight champion James J. Braddock dies at age 68, North Bergen , NJ.


March 1 - Bobby Chacon KOs Jesus Estrada, two rounds, Los Angeles, to retain WBC feather title.

March 2 - Roberto Duran, behind after 10 rounds, KOs ray Lampkin, 14 rounds, Panama City, to retain lightweight title.

March 24 - Muhammad Ali stops Chuck Wepner, 15 rounds, Cleveland, to retain heavyweight title.

April 26 - In his first appearance since his defeat to Ali, George Foreman takes on five opponents in one afternoon --Charley Polite, Boone Kirkman, Terry Daniels, Jerry Judge and Alonzo Johnson, Toronto.

May 16 - Muhammad Ali stops Ron Lyle, 11 rounds, Las Vegas, to retain heavyweight title.

May 27 - Former heavyweight champion Ezzard Charles dies of Lou Gehrig's disease, at age 53, Chicago

June 20 - Ruben Olivares KOs Bobby Chacon, two rounds, Inglewood, to win WBC feather title.

June 30 - Carlos Monzon, in his only U.S. ring appearance, stops Tony Licala, 10 rounds, New York to retain, middleweight title.

July 15 - Saensak Muangsurin, a former kickboxer in only his 3rd professional bout, KOs Perico Fernandez, 10 rounds, Bangkok, to win WBC jr. welter title. 

Oct 1 - Muhammad Ali rocks Joe Frazier in early rounds, then absorbs a terrible beating before coming back to stops Frazier after 14 rounds, Manila, to retain heavyweight title.

Dec 6 - Jose Stacey stops Jose Napoles, six rounds, Mexico City, to win welter title in last fight of Napoles career.


Jan 24 - George Foreman floored twice in the fourth round, gets up to KO Ron Lyle, five rounds, Las Vegas.

March 6 - Wilfred Benitez, age 17 1/2, becomes the youngest champion in boxing history, defeating Antonio Cervantes, 15 rounds, San Juan, to win jr. welter title.

March 6 - "Slapsie" Maxie Rosenbloom, former light heavy champ, dies, age 71, Los Angeles.

April 30 - Muhammad Ali struggles to defeat Jimmy Young, 15 rounds, Landover, MD, to retain heavyweighttitle.

May 22 - Victor Galindez, cut over both eyes and behind on points, KOs Richie Kates with one second remaining in the 15th round, Johannesburg, to retain WBA light heavy title.

June 15 - George Foreman stops Joe Frazier, five rounds, Uniondale, New York.

June 25 - In boxer vs. wrestler match, Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki, battle to a draw, 15 rounds, Tokyo.

June 26 - Carlos Monzon defeats Rodrigo Valdes, 15 rounds, Monte Carlo, to unify middleweight title.

July 17 - Pipino Cuevas, just 18, shocks Angel Espada, KOing him in two rounds, Mexico, to win WBA welter title.

Sept 28 - Muhammad Ali defeats Ken Norton, 15 rounds, Bronx, to retain heavyweight title in the last title fight held in Yankee Stadium.

Oct 2 - Guty Espadas KOs Alfonso Lopez, 13 rounds, Los Angeles, to win WBA flyweight title.


Jan 22 - Carlos Palomino gets off the deck in the first to stop Armondo Muniz, 15 rounds, Los Angeles, to retain welter title.

Feb 15 - Marvin Hagler KOs Willie (The Worm) Monroe, 12 rounds, Boston, to avenge a previous hometown loss.

March 17 - Jimmy Young drops George Foreman in the final round en route to a unanimous decision, 12 rounds, San Juan. Foreman begins 10 year retirement.

April 23 - In non-title clash of two undefeated bantam champs, Carlos Zarate KOs Alfonso Zamora, four rounds, Inglewood.

May 21 - Wilfredo Gomez KOs Dong-Kyun Yum, 12 rounds, San Juan, to win WBC jr. feather title.

July 30 - Carlos Monzon gets up from a second-round knockdown to defeat Rodrigo Valdes, 15 rounds, Monte Carlo, to retain middleweight title.

Aug 29 - Middleweight champion Carlos Monzon, 35 retires from boxing.

Sept 29 - Muhammad Ali defeats Ernie Shavers, 15 rounds, New York, to retain heavyweight title.

Nov 5 - Ken Norton defeats Jimmy Young, 15 rounds, in a WBC eliminator.


Jan 21 - Roberto Duran reunifies the lightweight division by KOing Esteban DeJesus, 12 rounds, Las Vegas.

Jan 28 - Alexis Arguello stops Alredo Ascalera, 13 rounds, Bayamon, to win WBC jr. lightweight title.

Feb 15 - In a stunning upset, Leon Spinks, a 10-1 underdog with only seven professional fights, defeats Muhammad Ali, 15 rounds, Las Vegas, to win heavyweight title.

March 25 - Larry Holmes defeats Ernie Shavers, 12 rounds, Las Vegas.

March 29 - Ken Norton is proclaimed WBC heavyweight champ when Leon Spinks refuses to honor clause guaranteeing first title defense to Norton.

June 8 - Larry Holmes outduels Ken Norton, 15 rounds, Las Vegas, to win WBC heavyweight title.

July 19 - Alan Minter stops Angelo Jacopucci, 12 rounds, Bellaria, Italy, to regain European middleweight title, Jacupucci dies three days later from injuries suffered in bout.

July 26 - Vilomar Fernandez defeats Alexis Arguello, 10 rounds, non-title, New York.

Sept 15 - Muhammad Ali defeats Leon Spinks, 15 rounds, New Orleans, to win heavyweight title for the third time.

Oct 28 - Wifredo Gomez KOs WBC bantam champ Carlos Zarate, five rounds, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, to retain WBC jr. feather title.


Jan 14 - Wilfred Benitez defeats Carlos Palomino, 15 rounds, San Juan to win welterweight title.

Feb 1 - Lightweight champ Roberto Duran vacates his title to campaign as a welterweight.

March 23 - Ernie Shavers shock Ken Norton by flooring him twice and stopping him in the first round, Las Vegas.

April 22 - Matthew Franklin, bleeding baldy from cuts over both eyes, stops Marvin Johnson, eight rounds, Indianapolis, to win WBC light heavy title. Afterward Franklin changes his name to Matthew Saad Muhammad.

June 3 - Lupe Pintor takes a disputed 15 round split decision over Carlos Zarate, Las Vegas to win WBC bantam title.

June 22- Larry Holmes stops Mike Weaver, 12 rounds, New York, to retain WBC heavyweight title.

June 22 - Roberto Duran defeats Carlos Palomino, 10 rounds, New York.

July 8 - Alexis Arguello stops Bazooka Limon, 11 rounds, New York, to retain WBC jr. lightweight title.

Aug 12 - Ray Leonard stops Pete Ranzany, four rounds, Las Vegas, to win NABF welter title.

Sept 28 - Larry Holmes gets off the canvas to stop Ernie Shavers, 11 rounds, Las Vegas.

Nov 16 - Alexis Arguello stops Bobby Chacon, sven rounds, Inglewood, to retain WBC jr. welter title.

Nov 30 - Ray Leonard stops Wilfred Benitez, 15 rounds, to win WBC welter title.