Boxing History - 1930's

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Jan 16 - Jack (Kid) Berg defeats Tony Canzoneri, 10 rounds, New York.

June 12 - Max Schmeling wins on fouls over Jack Sharkey, four rounds, New York, to win vacant heavyweight championship.

Aug 7 - Jack (Kid) Berg defeats Kid Chocolate, 10 rounds, New York, the loss is the first for Chocolate as an amateur or professional.

Aug 25 - Max Baer KOs Frankie Campbell, five rounds, San Francisco. Campbell dies from head injuries the next morning.

Nov 14 - Tony Canzoneri KOs Al Singer, one round, New York, to win lightweight title


Feb 6 - Tommy Loughran gives Max Baer a boxing lesson over ten rounds to get a decision, New York

April 24 - Tony Conzoneri KOs Jack (Kid) Berg, three rounds, Chicago to retain lightweight title and win junior welterweight title.

July 3 - Max Schmeling stops Young Stribling, 15 rounds, Cleveland, to retain heavyweight title. It will be the only KO loss suffered by Stribling in his 286-fight career.

July 4 - Paulino Uzudun defeats Max Baer, 20 rounds, Reno, the bout is promoted and refereed by Jack Dempsey.

July 15 - Kid Chocolate KOs Benny Bass, seven rounds, Philadelphia, to win junior lightweight title.

Sept 10 - Tony Canzoneri defeats Jack (Kid) Berg, 15 rounds, New York to retain lightweight and junior welterweight titles.

Sept 17 - Marvin Hart, former heavyweight champion dies at age 55 in Fern Creek, KY.

Oct 12 - Jack Sharkey defeats Primo Carnera, 15 rounds, Brooklyn.

Nov 20 - Tony Canzoneri defeats Kid Chocolate, 15 rounds, New York to retain lightweight and junior welterweight titles.


March 24 - Billy Petrolle stops Battling Battalino, 12 rounds, New York. It will be the only KO loss of Battalino's career.

May 26 - Mickey Walker defeats Paulino Uzcudun, 10 rounds, New York.

June 21 - Jack Sharkey defeats Max Schmeling on a spilt 15 round decision, Long Island, to win the heavyweight title. Afterwards, Joe Jacobs, Schmeling's manager announces for posterity "We Wuz Robbed!"

July 4 - Max Baer defeats King Levinsky, 20 rounds, Reno, the bout is the last scheduled 20 round bout to go the distance.

Sept 19 - Panama Al Brown KOs Emile (Spider) Pladner, one round, Toronto, to retain bantamweight title.

Sept 26 - Max Schmeling stops a game Mickey Walker, eight rounds, Long Island.

Oct 7 - Jimmy McLarnin ends the comeback of ex-lightweight champion Benny Leonard, stopping Leonard in sixth round, New York.


Feb 10 - Primo Carnera stops Ernie Schaaf, 13 rounds, new York. Schaaf dies of injuries on Feb 13, doctors determine he had never fully recovered from the beating suffered in a bout with Max Baer.

May 21 - Tony Canzoneri defeats Battling Shaw, 10 rounds, New Orleans to regain jr. welter title.

May 29 - Jimmy McLarnin KOs Yong Corbett III, one round, Los Angeles, to win welter title.

June 8 - Max Baer in his finest performance of his career, wears down 7-5 favorite Max Schmeling and stops him in ten rounds, new York.

June 23 - Barney Ross defeats Tony Canzoneri, 10 rounds, Chicago to win lightweight and junior welterweight titles.

June 29 - Primo Carnera KOs Jack Sharkey, six rounds, Long island, to win heavyweight title. Questions persist to this day if Sharkey took a dive.

Oct 2 - Heavyweight contender Young Stribling, just 29 but a veteran of 286 bouts dies of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, Macon, GA.

Nov 3 - Maxie Rosenbloom defeats Mickey Walker, 15 rounds, New York, to retain light heavy title.

Nov 24 - Tony Canzoneri - KOs Kid Chocolate, two rounds, New York. The first KO loss in 97 fights for Chocolate.


Feb 7 - Barney Ross defeats Polo Nebo, 12 rounds, New Orleans, to retain junior welterweight title.

Feb 17 - Kid Chocolate gives up his New York version of the featherweight title.

March 1 - Primo Carnera weighing 270 pounds, defeats ex-light heavyweight champion Tommy Loughran, 184 pounds., Miami, to retain heavyweight title. Carnera's 86 pound weight advantage is still the record for a heavyweight title fight.

May 29 - Barney Ross defeats Jimmy McLarnin on a 15 round split decision, Long Island to win welterweight title.

June 14 - Max Baer floors Primo Carnera 11 times and stops him in 11 rounds, Long Island to win heavyweight title.

June 14 - James J. Braddock gets off the deck in round two to KO highly regarded Corn Griffin, three rounds, Long Island.

July 4 - Joe Louis makes his pro debut by KOing Jack Kracken, one round, Chicago.

Nov 16 - James J. Braddock defeats John Henry Louis, 10 rounds, New York.


March 10 - Max Schmeling avenges a previous defeat to Steve Hamas by stopping him in nine rounds, Hamburg, Hamas never fights again.

March 22 - James J. Braddock continues his improbable comeback, gives top rated heavyweight contender Art Lasky a boxing lesson over 15 rounds, New York.

June 13 - James J. Braddock, a 10-1 underdog who had been on public relief rolls the year before, upsets Max Baer over 15 rounds, to win heavyweight title, New York.

June 25 - In his New York debut, Joe Louis pounds Primo Carnera into a bloody mess, stopping him in six rounds.

Sept 13 - Down twice in the first round, Barney Ross comes back to win a ten round decision over Ceferino Garcia, 10 rounds, San Francisco.

Sept 24 - Joe Louis floors Max Baer three times, then KOs him in four rounds, New York. The first KO loss of Baer's career.

Dec 14 - Joe Louis, landing what he called " the hardest punch I ever threw" floors iron-chinned Paulino Uzcudun with a right in the fourth round, New York. The punch drives Uzcudun's teeth through his mouthpiece and upper lip, bout is stopped moments later.


May 8 - after being stunned by the overhanging microphone during the referee's instructions and taking a beating in the first round, Tony Canzoneri comes back to floor Jimmy McLarnin in the second en route to a 10 round decision, New York.

June 19 - Max Schmeling, an 8-1 underdog, shocks the boxing world by flooring Joe Louis in the fourth round, then hurting over and over with right hands and then stopping him in the 12th, New York.

June 29 - In one of boxing's greatest comebacks, Tony Marino down in the first and baldy beaten, goes for broke and KOs Baltazar Sangchili, 14 rounds, New York, to win bantamweight title.

Aug 4 - Henry Armstrong defeats Baby Arzimendi, 10 rounds, Los Angeles, gets Cali and Mexico recognition as featherweight champion.

Aug 18 - Joe Louis KOs Jack Sharkey, three rounds, New York.

Sept 3 - Lou Ambers defeats Tony Canzoneri, 15 rounds, to win lightweight title.

Oct 27 - Henry Armstrong defeats Mike Bellarose, 10 rounds, Los Angeles, to add New York recognition as featherweight champion.

Nov 20 - Jimmy McLarnin defeats lightweight champion Lou Ambers, ten rounds, New York, non-title fight. Shortly afterwards, McLarnin, just 29, retires.

Nov 26 - Former middleweight champion Billy Papke, 52, shoots  and kills his estranged wife before taking his own life , Newport, California.

Dec 14 - Joe Louis KOs Eddie Simms, one round, Cleveland. Louis floors Simms in the opening seconds, when Simms tells referee "Take me up to the roof, I need to get some air", the bout is stopped after 14 seconds.


Jan 19 - Benny Lynch defeats Small Montana, 15 rounds, Glasgow to unify flyweight title for the first time since 1925.

May 7 - Lou Ambers defeats Tony Canzoneri, 15 rounds, new York, to retain lightweight title.

June 22 - Joe Louis gets off the canvas to KO James J. Braddock, eight rounds, Chicago, to win the heavyweight championship. Afterwards, Louis tell reporters "I wont feel like I'm the champ until I whip Schmeling"

Oct 29 - Henry Armstrong KOs Petey Sarron to claim the featherweight championship, six rounds, New York.

Dec 12 - Henry Armstrong KOs Johnny Jones, two rounds, New Orleans. The win concludes an incredible 27-0 run with 26 KOs for the year.


Jan 21 - James J. Braddock ends his career by taking a ten round split decision from Tommy Farr, New York.

March 11 - Max Bare floors Tommy Farr for the first time in his career in sixth round, then overcomes a closed eye to defeat Farr in 15 rounds, New York.

May 31 - Featherweight champion Henry Armstrong defeats Barney Ross to win the welterweight championship, 15 rounds, Long Island. Armstrong holds back in the final rounds so that Ross, who had never been stopped, can finish on his feet.

June 22 - In the sporting event with the most important international impact of the century, Joe Louis defends his heavyweight belt against ex-champion and the man that beat him, Max Schmeling. Soon after the opening bell, Louis hurts Schmeling unintentionally in the lower back, as Schmeling tries to twist away from a Louis attack, Louis fractures two of Schmeling's vertebrae with the punch. Louis then floors Schmeling three times and the referee stops the bout at 2:04 of the first round to "keep Schmeling from being killed". Back in the dressing room, Louis says "Now you can call me champ"

Aug 17 - Henry Armstrong accomplishes one of the most incredible feats in boxing history. He floors Lou Ambers twice, then survives a late rally and a badly cut mouth to gain a 15 round split decision. The win gives Armstrong, already the featherweight and welterweight champion, three world titles simultaneously as he snags the lightweight title.


Feb 10 - Billy Conn defeats Fred Apostoli, 15 rounds, New York

April 17 - Joe Louis KOs Kack Roper, one round, Los Angeles, to retain heavyweight title. It is Louis' third consecutive first round KO in a heavyweight title defense, still a record and the last heavyweight title fight scheduled for ten rounds.

June 28 - Joe Louis stunned in the first and dropped briefly in the third by Tony Galento, KOs Galento in the fourth round, Bronx, to retain his heavyweight title.

Aug 21 - Lou Ambers defeats Henry Armstrong, 15 rounds, Bronx, to regain the lightweight title. Armstrong is penalized for low blows in 5 rounds.

Dec 11 - Henry Armstrong KOs Jimmy Garrison, seven rounds, Cleveland, to retain the welterweight title. Armstrong's 11 successful title defenses in 139 remains the record for the most in any weight class during one year.