Boxing History - 1910's

The 1910's


Feb 22- Ad Wolgast survives early beating and knockdown in the 23rd round to pound Battling Nelson into helplessness, winning the lightweight title in 40th round, Point Richmond, Calif.

April 27 - Stanley Ketchel and Sam Langford for to a no-decision, six rounds, Philadelphia.

July 4 - Jack Johnson taunts and wears down a shell of himself James J. Jeffries before stopping him in 15 rounds, Reno to retain the heavyweight title. race riots afterwards result in several deaths.

Aug 10 - Former lightweight champion Joe Gans dies from pneumonia and complications from tuberculosis at age 35, Baltimore.

Oct 15 - Middleweight champion Stanley Ketchel is shot in the back and killed by Walter Dipley, Conway, Missouri.

Nov 26 - Freddie Welsh floors Battling Nelson five times in the 11th rounds, the last for the only ten count of Nelson's career, san Francisco.


Jan 10 - Sam Langford defeats Joe Jeanette, 12 rounds, Boston.

 July 4 - Ad Wolgast KOs Owen Moran, 13 rounds, San Francisco, Calif to retain lightweight title

Sept 15 - Fireman Jim Flynn, barely 5'9, pounds 6'4 Carl Morris over 10 round no-decision, New York.

Dec 20 - Sam McVey defeats Sam Langford, 20 rounds, Sydney.


Feb 29 - Georges Carpentier KOs Jim Sullivan, two rounds, Monte Carlo, to win vacant European middleweight title.

March 9 - In a war, Harlem Tommy Murphy, 137 pounds, defeats Abe Attell, 118 pounds, 20 rounds, Daly City, Calif.

April 8 - Sam Langford defeats Sam McVey, 20 rounds, Melbourne.

July 4 - Jack Johnson stops Firman Jim Flynn, nine rounds, Las Vegas, New Mexico, to retain heavyweight title.

July 4 - In boxing's most famous double knockout, Ad Wolgast survives with help from referee Jack Welsh, to KO Joe Rivers, 13 rounds, Vernon, Calif and retains lightweight title.

Aug 3 - Abe Attell draws with Harlem Tommy Murphy, 20 rounds, San Francisco.

Oct 10 - Sam Langford KOs Sam McVey, 13 rounds, Sydney.

Dec 27 - Gunboat Smith defeats Frank Moran, 20 rounds, San Francisco.


Feb 12 Georges Carpentier KOs Bandsman Rice, two rounds, Paris, to win vacant European light heavyweight title.

March 14 - Gunboat Smith, his nose broken in the first round, comes back to KO Bombardier Billy Wells, two rounds, New York.

April 29 - Johnny Dundee, only 19, shocks featherweight champion Johnny Kilbane, holding him to a 20-round draw, Vernon, Calif. Dundee will fight 10 more years before getting another title shot. Kilbane, champion for 10 more years, never gives Dundee a rematch.

May 13 - Heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, charged with violating the Mann Act by allegedly transporting Belle Schreiber across state lines for immoral purposes, goes on Trial in Chicago. The jury finds Johnson guilt of interstate travel with improper intent, despite being unable to find him guilty of any specific violations, Sentencing is set for June 4.

May 24 - Gunboat Smith defeats Jess Willard, 20 rounds, San Francisco.

June 1 - Georges Carpentier, only 19 and weighing just above the middleweight limit, gets off the canvas to KO Bombardier Billy Wells in four rounds, Ghent, Belgium, to win vacant European heavyweight title.

June 4 - Judge George Carpenter sentences jack Johnson to one year and one day at Joliet Penitentiary and a $1,000 fine, Johnson remains free on bail.

July 1 - Jack Johnson, fleeing Chicago, sets sail from Montreal aboard the Carinthea bound for France, a fugitive. Johnson will not return to the United States for seven years.

Aug 22 - Jess Willard KOs William (Bull) Young, 11 rounds, Vernon, Calif. Young dies later in hospital.

Nov 17 - Gunboat Smith defeats Sam Langford, 12 rounds, Boston

Dec 19 - Jack Johnson, suffering a broken left arm, retains his heavyweight title on 10 round draw against Battling Jim Johnson, Paris, in the first heavyweight title fight in which both contestants are African-American.


Jan 31 - Future heavyweight champion, Jersey Joe Walcott is born Arnold Raymond Cream in Merchantville, New Jersey.

March 21 - Joe Jeannette defeats Georges Carpentier, 15 rounds, Paris.

June 27 - Jack Johnson defeats Frank Moran, Paris to retain heavyweight title. (The referee is European heavyweight champion Georges Carpentier, achieving unique distinction of acting as third man in a heavyweight title bout seven years before fighting for the same title)

July 26 - Georges Carpentier defeats Kid Jackson on foul, four rounds, Bordeaux, France. Carpentier enlists in the French Army and will not fight again for five years.

Oct 20 - Sam Langford KOs Gunboat Smith, three rounds, Boston.

Nov 26 - Sam Langford, down three times in the first two rounds, comes back to KO Harry Wills, 14 rounds, Vernon, Calif.

Dec 18 - In the last scheduled 20 round fight in California, lightweights Eddie Moy and Red Watson fight to a draw, San Francisco. The bout ends at 11:30PM, at 12 midnight California's "4 Round Era" restricting all fights to a four round limit begins, it will last a decade.


March 26 - Jack Britton and Ted (Kid) Lewis fight 10 rounds, no decision, New York. This is the first in a 20 fight series between the two men. 

April 5 - Jess Willard KOs Jack Johnson, 26 rounds, Havana, to win heavyweight title. Johnson will later claim he took a dive, few experts believe it.

June 21 - Jack Britton defeats Mike Glover, 12 rounds, Boston, to win welter title.

Aug 31 - Ted (Kid ) Lewis defeats Jack Britton, 12 rounds, Boston, to capture welterweight title.

Dec 20 Jimmy Wilde KOs Sid Smith, eight rounds, London.


Jan 3 - Harry Wills defeats Sam Langford, 20 rounds, New Orleans.

Feb 7 - Kid Williams draws with Pete Herman, 20 rounds, New Orleans to retain bantam title.

Feb 11 - Sam Langford KOs Harry Wills, 19 rounds, New Orleans.

Feb 14 - Jimmy Wilde KOs Joe Symonds, 11 rounds, London to win flyweight title.

May 13 - Sam Langford KOs Joe Jeanette, 10 rounds, Syracuse. The only KO loss of Jeanette's career. 

June 29 - Light heavyweight champion Jack Dillon, nearly KO'd in the third round, comes back to dominate a 10 round no-decision fight against Frank Moran, Brooklyn.

July 14 - Jack Dempsey, despite suffering two broken ribs in the second round, battles back to hold John Lester Johnson even through 10 no-decision rounds, New York.

Nov 9 - Jimmy Wilde KOs Tommy Noble, 15 rounds, Liverpool.


Jan 9 - Pete Herman defeats Kid Williams, 20 rounds, New Orleans, to win bantam title.

Feb 13 - Fireman Jim Flynn stops 21 year old jack Dempsey in the first round, Murray, Utah. It will be the only KO loss of Dempsey's career.

May 24 - Les Darcy, recognized in Australia s the middleweight champion, dies of blood poisoning at age 21, Memphis.

May 29 - Benny Leonard KOs Freddie Welsh, nine rounds, New York, to win lightweight title.

July 25 - In non-title match up, lightweight champion Benny Leonard stops featherweight champion Johnny Kilbane in three rounds, Philadelphia. The KO loss is the first for Kilbane in 121 fights

Oct 2 - Jack Dempsey, out on his feet in second round, comes back to defeat Gunboat Smith on a four round decision, San Francisco.

Oct 22 - Former middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Bob Fitzsimmons dies of pneumonia in Chicago at age 54.

Dec 17 - Sam Langford KOs Kid Norfolk, two rounds, Denver.


Feb 2 - John L. Sullivan, who won the heavyweight title in 1882 with bare knuckles and lost it under Queensberry Rules wearing gloves in 1892, dies of a heart attack at age 59, Abingdon, Mass. At gravesite at Mount Calvary Cemetery, dynamite has to be used to break the ground for burial.

 Feb 25 - Jack Dempsey floors Bill Brennan eight times before stopping him when Brennan suffers a broken ankle when decked in sixth round, Milwaukee.

Feb 26 - Former bantamweight & featherweight Terry McGovern dies of pneumonia in Brooklyn, two weeks before his 38th birthday.

July 27 - Jack Dempsey KOs Fred Fulton, previously regarded as the top rated contender for Jess Willard's title in 18 seconds, Harrison, New Jersey.

 Sept 13 - "Fat Willie" Meehan gets off the deck in round two to slap Jack Dempsey over four rounds, getting the decision. Dempsey will not lose again until 1926.

Nov 6 -Jack Dempsey KOs light heavyweight champion Battling Levinsky, three rounds, Philadelphia.


Jan 20 - Jack Dempsey KOs Jack Hickey, one round, Harrisburg,, PA

July 4 - Jack Dempsey ushers in boxing's "Golden Age", flooring Jess Willard seven times in first round, then winning heavyweight title when a badly battered Willard is unable to come out for round four, Toledo.

July 19 - Georges Carpentier in his first fight in nearly five years, KOs Dick Smith, eight rounds, Paris, to retain the European heavyweight title.

Nov 5 - Harry Wills defeats Sam Langford, 15 rounds, Tulsa.