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Pacquiao-Bradley II - A Review of The 3 Official Judges

By the Pod Index, LLC

Here we take a look at the judges assigned to the Pacquiao-Bradley WBO Welterweight Title rematch.

Mike Pernick

Mike is originally from Chicago, now living in South Florida. He has been a professional judge since 1992 and has scored more than 800 bouts. He works primarily with the WBO, IBF, and IBO. According to the Pod Index, he has recently tallied five statistically excellent scorecards and one statistically controversial scorecard.

Mike has turned in many consistent scorecards in bouts that were very close, including a split decision win for Gideon Buthelezi over Edrin Dapudong in South Africa. But when he worked the Ramon Garcia vs. Jesus Geles title fight in Columbia, he had Geles winning by a wide margin in a split decision.

Mike is more consistent than most judges, sporting an 81.7% Pod Index.

Glenn Trowbridge

Glenn lives in Nevada and has judged over 400 fights since he began in 1994. According to the Pod Index, Glenn has recently submitted two statistically excellent scorecards and one statistically controversial scorecard.

Glenn tallied a near perfect scorecard in a close unanimous decision win for Amir Khan over Marcos Maidana. In a more debated decision, Glenn Trowbridge and Jerry Roth awarded Brandon Rios a split decision victory over Richard Abril back in April of 2012. According to the Fight Score Collector, nearly all ringside media had Richard Abril defeating Brandon Rios.

His Pod Index of 78% is on par with the world average.

Craig Metcalfe

Craig, who hails from Alberta, Canada, has been on the job since 2005, working more than 200 professional bouts. According to the Pod Index, he has recently been a part of one statistically excellent and one statistically controversial decision.

In 2010, Craig Metcalfe was on the same page with his counterpart judges in almost every single round when he scored the Sergio Martinez UD victory over Kelly Pavlik in Atlantic City. But last year, in what should have been an easy bout to score, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won a majority decision over Saul Alvarez. Experts agree that Metcalfe got it right, scoring the bout 117-111. Dave Moretti ended up with a similar 116-112 score. But they arrived there in different ways, awarding alternating rounds to Mayweather. That, combined with CJ Ross’s 114-114 scorecard, made for very little round by round agreement between the 3 judges.

Craig Metcalfe’s Pod Index is 74.1%, which is a tad lower than the world average.