By Mark Vester

Former undisputed lightweight champion Nate Campbell sat down with to discuss the current status of his promotional tug of war with former promoter Don King, his thoughts on trainer John David Jackson stating that Manny Pacquiao was avoiding African American fighters, a possible fight with WBO junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley and more. What's going on Champ?


Nate: I'm good Mark, I'm good. Just chilling out spending some time with my wife and kids, waiting on this nonsense with King to be over with. How's that moving along?


Nate: It's going good. The process is slow, but that's exactly what King wants. He thinks he can drag this out and starve me to where I have to re-sign with him or something in order to eat, but I'm eating just fine, and he's 0-4 so far on motions in my case, and about to be 0-5 come Wednesday. The end is in sight brother. What did you think of the Pacquiao-Hatton fight?


Nate: Good stuff. I was pulling for Hatton, because I know Manny's people would never put him in with me. So I was pulling for Hatton thinking maybe that was a fight we could get down the road. But Manny caught him with a beautiful shot, and Ricky was wide open for it. Game over. Why do you think you could never get a fight with Manny?


Nate: Because the system these days is all decided on box office ratings. If you cant bring x amount of pay-per-view buys, then you aint getting a fight with any of the top guys no matter what. It's that simple. It no longer about who is a good fighter, or who beat who, or who deserves a shot, its only about money, and who your promoter is. Here's an example; Diaz was considered the end all and be all of the lightweight division before I fought him, right?. So I beat his ass, and then suddenly he becomes "exposed" or "overrated,” right? But then wait a minute. So then Marquez, who I have no beef with, beats a Casamayor that wouldn’t fight me, and then he beats Diaz, who I had already ruined, and that makes him pound for pound top 3? C’mon brother. How is a fighter like me ever supposed to get the ratings, or pay-per-view buys, or whatever, if none of these top guys will ever fight me?

I had 3 belts at 135 and couldn’t buy a fight. All I could get was mandatories man. And people complain about the sanctioning bodies and stuff, but in truth if it wasn't for the IBF’s 1 rating, I would have never gotten the Diaz fight in the first place. The only reason they fought me was because they fucking had to. There's so many double standards it aint even funny. Here's another one. Floyd beats Oscar and Hatton, and everyone says he's "cherry-picking". Manny then beats the SAME TWO CATS and he's considered an all-time great? C’mon man. It seems that no matter what you do, you can't win. And it aint like I'm on Floyd's sack or anything, cause even he turned me down for a fight like 6 years ago back in his so-called "slave wages" days. Recently your trainer John David Jackson took some heat for a comment about Manny Pacquiao not fighting black fighters. What's your take on that situation?


Nate: See, here's the thing Mark. John's statement was taken out of context. He wasn't saying Manny is a racist or anything like that, he just pointed out a simple fact. Manny does not fight black fighters. But people jump up and say "He fought Ledwaba, he fought Ledwaba", and that’s great. That was a nice win for him. But that was 8 YEARS AGO man. And Ledwaba was more of a traditional African fighter than an American black fighter. And there is a difference. Saying there is no difference in the styles is like comparing Floyd Mayweather to Ben Tackie. It's a totally different style. Most American black fighters in the lower weight divisions use movement, footwork, and angles, and Manny has a lot of trouble with slick boxers like that. Most of the guys he fought in the last 6 or 7 years are straight forward, plodding, come right at you type fighters. And the one fighter who did actually use a little bit of movement and angles on him was Marquez, who Manny went life and death with twice, and arguably lost. But it wasn’t a racist comment by JD - it’s just a fact.

Manny's people don’t want to put him in with anyone the least bit slick. Call it what you want. It's smart matchmaking on their part, because if they ever let him fight someone like me, he'll get his ass laid flat. And it aint that Manny is scared, or any stupid bullshit like that - its that his people will maneuver him around anyone slick. So when can we expect to see you back in the ring?


Nate: Soon brother. Like I said there is a court motion next week, which my attorneys tell me is a slam-dunk, and then we can move for a court order that would prevent anyone from getting sued for working with me. And that’s the big obstacle right now, because nobody wants to do anything with me because they don’t want the hassle of a possible lawsuit with Don, even though Don cant win it. And I understand that. Who wants that drama in their life? So as soon as we get that court order, I'm ready to get back in the ring immediately, against anyone at 140. So you are definitely staying at 140 now?


Nate: Yep. I am now a full fledged junior welterweight. Although lately it seems weight divisions don’t matter much anymore. Nobody cleans out their divisions, and everyone seems to want to fight at these bullshit made-up weights. I am a junior welterweight, and look forward to the opportunity to clean out 140. I had also heard about talks with Timothy Bradley. Any truth to that rumor?


Nate: Well, Terry did talk to Gary Shaw about it but of course Gary would need options on me, and I don’t blame him for wanting them, but until this legal shit is wrapped up I cant give anyone options right now. But I wouldn’t do an options deal anyways, because an options deal just means you are giving a promoter your rights for [an] x number of fights, but not getting a signing bonus or anything in return.

I would be limiting my opportunities and leaving money on the ground if I did that. And its no big secret that me and Terry have had conversations with GBP about the possibilities of working together once this legal shit is over, and me owing options to someone else would kill that deal, so that’s no good. But I would love to fight Timmy Bradley. We can do that fight no problem. I just cant do it with options. So Don is trying to work something out with Gary to do the fight. And I don’t have no problem with Don being involved in it with Gary if it gets the fight made. I don’t give a shit who's logo is on the poster. Well, you could always make a fight with Joan Guzman, couldn’t you?


Nate: Oh, you got jokes tonight I see. That's pretty funny my man. Look, until they pay me the $400k they owe me, I aint even hearing his name. That one's personal. But if they want to pay me what they owe, then he can get it. I'd be happy to stomp his ass. Ok, thanks for your time Champ.


Nate: Anytime Mark, always a pleasure.