By Rick Reeno

A junior welterweight royal rumble is not complete without Nate Campbell jumping into the mix. In the last 24 hours, has become a junior welterweight warzone. First we hade Amir Khan and Paulie Malignaggi trading words, then Timothy Bradley's promoter Gary Shaw jumped in to explode on Khan, then Devon Alexander's manager/trainer Kevin Cunningham had some words for Shaw and Bradley, and now Campbell has jumped in and has words for everyone.

Campbell took offense to some of the earlier comments that were made by Cunningham. Nate also had some select words for Timothy Bradley - and there is certainly no love between those two. Campbell is being positioned to fight Victor Ortiz in the possible co-feature spot to Amir Khan vs. Juan Manuel Marquez in May.

"Rick, look here, I just read the one with Kevin Cunningham sayin I'm 'old and easy.' He ought to be worrying more about getting his kid ready for the Urango fight and spending less time worrying about what Bradley is doing. And not to defend Bradley, but what was he supposed to do back then? He had two mandatories due at the same time, me and Devon," Campbell said.

"Devon didn't have no title either at the time, so what the f**k is Cunningham talking about? This division is turning into a bunch of b**ches. Straight up b**ches. And Bradley's the biggest b**ch of them all. Shaw is crying that they dont have nobody to fight? I'm right here Gary. I remember little Timmy whining like a schoolgirl everytime I sunk a right hand halfway up his ribcage," Campbell said.

"We still have unfinished business between us. But for now everyone gives him a pass. That's f**ked up. We have 2 close rounds, then he fouls me with his big ass buckethead, mashing my eyeball so I cant see, but I'm the **shole?? Whatever man. I'm still #2 in the WBO so at some point he's gonna have to see me again anyways, or give up his title."

Campbell is gearing up for Ortiz but plans to go after all of the top names if he comes up with the big win. 

"Right now it looks like the Ortiz kid is the only one with the stones to fight me, so we'll see whats up. If that happens, any of these cats can get it after that. Bradley? He can get it. Khan? He can get it. Marquez? He can get it. Maidana? He can get it. Devon? He can get it too," Campbell said.

""Sh*t like this is killing boxing Rick. Not just at 140, but everywhere. All these cats talking all this noise and won't f**king fight anyone unless they get $934 million dollars or something. If this sh*t don't change then our sport is in big trouble."