By Mark Vester

At the present, Top Rank's Bob Arum is trying to put the finishing touches on a deal to match Manny Pacquiao and WBO welterweight Miguel Cotto. Their mega-showdown will take place on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Once that deal is finished, Arum told the Los Angeles Times that he's got another fight on his mind - Joshua Clottey vs. Shane Mosley. Clottey was on the losing end of a close split-decision against Miguel Cotto last week in New York.

For the last few weeks, Mosley, and every member of Golden Boy Promotions, have been trying to bait Pacquiao to the table. Arum recently told's Ronnie Nathanielsz that Mosley's comments, and those coming from Golden Boy, will not prevent a Pacquiao-Cotto deal from being finalized.

With Mosley being left in the cold, a few possible options exist. WBC champion Andre Berto and Paul Williams are both ready, willing and able. Clottey for sure wants the fight. I don't see Mosley, who is trying to get the biggest "money" fight possible, take a fight with Clottey who doesn't bring that kind of money to the table. Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer already told BoxingScene that Mosley has no interest in Williams either. That leaves Berto, an opponent Mosley is likely to fight.

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