By Mark Vester

The boxer who appears to be the frontrunner for a Manny Pacquiao showdown, "Sugar" Shane Mosley, is very confident of his chances in the fight. Mosley is the clear secondary option if Pacquiao's promoter, Top Rank, is unable to finalize a deal for a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mosley had less than stellar 2010. He lost a near one-sided twelve round decision to Mayweather in May and then fought to a twelve round draw with Sergio Mora in September.

Mosley tells's Ernest Gabion that his style is going to give Pacquiao a lot of trouble in the contest.

"I'm pretty heavy-handed. I'm not sure if Manny will be able to run with all of those punches he throws. I would definitely cause a lot of problems for him. I'm tall, I have long arms. I have good power. He's very hittable and that's what makes it such a great fight. He's got a lot of speed and power, and I have a lot of speed and power as well. So, you have two guys clashing who want to fight, and it's going to be an excellent fight," Mosley said to

Mosley cleared up his promotional situation with Golden Boy. The former three division champion tells BoxingScene that while he still owns a percentage of the company, he is technically a promotional free agent. Mosley recently stated on his twitter page that he's been "a promotional free agent for two years." Regarding the Pacquiao clash, Mosley states that he plans to fight under his own promotional banner - and not under Golden Boy. 

"I'm not signing with Top Rank. I just want to fight a couple of the fighters there. I still have stock in Golden Boy. I have a percentage of Golden. There are fighters at Top Rank that I want to fight and I have to go that route [without Golden Boy involved] to fight them. If Golden Boy can't make the fights, then I have to step outside of the box as my own promoter and do it," Mosley said. 

BoxingScene broke the story a few weeks back that Mosley hired James Prince to be his new adviser. Mosley believes Prince can bring a lot to the table.

"With James being my adviser, he advises me on a lot of different things. He brings a lot to the table. He's advised me on different things, different business moves. I think we're going to go all the way with this," Mosley said.

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