By Ryan Burton

In a recent conversation with, WBO super featherweight champion Mikey Garcia said Yuriorkis Gamboa remains at the top of his wish list for his next fight.  Premium cable channel HBO is very interested in making the fight but Garcia said that the former Olympic gold medalist is asking for too much money and that is why the fight hasn't been finalized.

"They told me that May 17th is still a possibility (for the fight).  If it doesn't happen then it will most likely be in June.  Gamboa is the one they are telling me (will be next).  I am still waiting on him.  He says he wants it so bad but he needs to come down on his price.  The budget ain't going to be enough for both sides.  I see that he is worth a certain amount but the network doesn't seem to think he is worth what he wants for the fight," said Garcia while pointing out that the Cuban is asking for a lot more money than he is going to be getting.  "When you are talking numbers he was asking for almost 50% more than me.  You have to be realistic you know?" Garcia told

Over the past few months, Gamboa has been on a big campaign on Twitter trying to make the fight happen.  When I asked Garcia what he thinks about the big social media push, he smiled and said that, "He seems to be promoting the fight even more than 50," in reference to Gamboa's promoter 50 Cent.

When asked how a fight against Gamboa would play out, Garcia said that his rival is a good fighter but that his skills are a level above the Cuban.

"(It would end with him) on the ground, the floor," Garcia said while laughing.  "It is definitely a good fight.  He is fast and has power. He has good skills and is exciting and explosive so it makes for a good fight but I think I am the better fighter overall with better skills so I know that I would win."

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