By Edward Chaykovsky

Former undisputed heavyweight king Mike Tyson is very excited about the May 2nd welterweight unification between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. The two fighters will battle for the WBO/WBA/WBC welterweight belts at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Showtime/HBO will come together to put on the pay-per-view.

Tyson feels Pacquiao will be the first boxer to fully test Mayweather's talents in the ring. While Tyson is not openly picking Pacquiao to win, he says Mayweather will take more damage, and more punches, than he's ever taken in any of his previous fights in the past.

“You need to put constant pressure on Floyd. Be in front of him all the time, but moving side to side and punching from angles. Manny is going to feint Floyd out of position a lot and make him throw more punches than he is used to, and that will open Floyd up,” Tyson told reporters at the Champs premier.

“He has never really been tested. Whatever happens in this fight, I really think that Floyd is going to be hit and hurt more than he has ever been before. We’re going to see how tough he is.”