by Carlos Arias

BELL, CALIF. --- Mike Alvarado has been a longtime observer of Juan Manuel Marquez's fights.

He will get an even closer look when they meet in the ring on Saturday night at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., on HBO.

"We all know Marquez," Alvarado said at the Azteca Boxing Club. "I mean, he's been around for ages. I thought he was losing that (fourth) fight (against Manny Pacquiao) up till that point (when he knocked out Pacquiao). It was a good shot. He landed that one shot. That could happen in any fight. That's all it takes is one punch in this game. One punch, lights out, turn the cameras off, turn the mics off and where's the next fight."

Alvarado said his versatility will be the key to success against Marquez.

"Whatever works, man," Alvarado said, "box, brawl, counter, whatever works, man. I'll try it all. I'm going to be versatile in the fight, you know, whatever I have to do to win this fight."

Alvarado looks physically bigger than Marquez when they stand next to each other.

"That'll come into play as long as I utilize it in the right way," Alvarado said, "and use it to my advantage it will come into play."

The Marquez-Alvarado winner is expected to ge the next shot against Pacquiao.

"That's huge, man, of course I'm always going to go with myself," Alvarado said. "I ain't going to say anybody else is going to beat me, but, I mean, that's huge. That's the goal, but right now I got Marquez to deal with."

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