By Mark Vester

Miguel Cotto has come out and praised Shane Molsey for his title-winning performance against Antonio Margarito. Cotto returns to the ring against Michael Jennings on February 21 at New York's Madison Square Garden. It will be Cotto's first bout since losing by way of a knockout to Margarito last July. There is a rematch in place with Margarito for June, but after the way he was dominated and knocked out by Mosley last Saturday night, there is some doubt over whether or not the rematch will go forward.

Cotto, who won a decision over Molsey in 2007, said his ex-foe put forth the perfect gameplan to win the fight with Margarito.

"He did the right thing and the outcome was in their favor. He made a great fight and used his experience and speed to neutralize Margarito," Cotto told El Nuevo Dia. 

Prior to Margarito's bout with Mosley, a member of the California State Athletic Commission found a plaster-like substance in the wraps of Margarito, deemed them illegal. Margarito had to re-wrap his hands three times. The HBO announcers continued to wonder if Margarito had the same kind of wraps for his win over Mosley. Evangelista Cotto, uncle and trainer of Miguel, said he didn't notice anything unusual during the fight.

"At that time we were not aware of anything," said Evangelista.

Miguel was happy with the way the CSAC handled the situation and he plans to keep a close eye on the investigation into the substance in Margarito's gloves. He praised Mosley's trainer, Nazim Richardson, who saw something strange in the shape of Margarito's wraps and made a commission member take off the wraps.

"He did the right thing. They saw something unusual in the process and ordered for bandages to get removed. I understand that there will be an investigation and we will see what happens. Margarito and his group are responsible for the outcome of the commission," Cotto said.

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