By Mark Vester

WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto (33-1, 27 KOs) is predicting a big win on Saturday night at New York's Madison Square Garden, where a thousands of Puerto Rican fans will cheer him on as he defends his title against former champion Joshua Clottey (35-2, 20 KOs) of Ghana. Cotto says that he is ready for Clottey, but wonders if the Ghanaian fighter is ready for him.

"Joshua Clottey? I've prepared myself for anything he can bring that night," Cotto said. "The question is, is he prepared for the kind of Miguel Cotto that's going to climb into the ring?"

Clottey says the hostile crowd will not make a differnce in the fight. More so than a win, he promises to bring the fight to Cotto and put on a performance of a lifetime. Clottey injured his hand and lost a decision to Antonio Margarito several years ago. He won't let opportunity slide through his fingers for a second time.

"Trust me, when I come to the ring I'm a very, very deaf guy," Clottey said. "The only thing I do is I see people, but I don't hear what they're talking about. This is business, we're in the ring. He's hitting my body, he's hitting my head — I don't have time for that."

"Even if I lose, I'll make a good account of myself, and they'll ask for me. The people that are picking me to win the fight, they're making a very good decision."

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