By Mark Vester

The big news in Puerto Rico has to do with a game of golf at the Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. No ordinary game of golf when Oscar De La Hoya and WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto are the two players.

A few months ago, Cotto said that he would explore his options when his contract ran out with Top Rank. According to Cotto, six months are remaining with his current promotional agreement. A few months back, Cotto was very upset with Top Rank for supporting Antonio Margarito after his license was revoked by the California State Athletic Commission in February. De La Hoya has said in the past that he would love to sign Cotto to Golden Boy Promotions.

The press in Puerto Rico is portraying the Cotto/De La Hoya golf game as a secret meeting. Cotto disputes the reports and says the game of golf was a chance meeting between the two of them and wasn’t previously planned. Cotto claims that nothing boxing related was discussed. Some press members in Puerto Rico don’t believe that.

“It was a normal meeting between the two of use where we only shared a game of golf. We did not talk about anything having to do with boxing,” Cotto told Primera Hora.

Cotto is close to a deal to face stablemate Manny Pacquiao on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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