By Mark Vester


Wednesday's brawl, between WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto and uncle/trainer Evangelista Cotto, will have legal consequences. As previously reported on, Cotto and his uncle came to blows at 3:15PM on Wednesday at the Bairoa Gym in Caguas, Puerto Rico after a dispute over a new training plan that was presented by Miguel.

Initially it was heated verbal dispute, but when Miguel fired his uncle - violence erupted. Evangelista attacked Miguel, who fired back with his own punches. The two would eventually cool down but the drama continued later in the day when the physical battle continued at Miguel's apartment and also on the street, with Evangelista launching a cement block at Miguel, missing the fighter and breaking the window of his 2009 jaguar. The physcal confrontation continued until the police arrived. Miguel suffered a cut on his nose and Evangelista was taken to the hospital.


BoxingScene posted Cotto's comments on the brawl in an earlier news brief, where the fighter confirmed that his uncle would no longer be his trainer. Dr. Michelle Ramirez, who treated Evangelista in the emergency room of the hospital, told El Nuevo Dia that the trainer suffered a broken nose, cervical trauma and chest pains.


According to Quiñones Flores of the Police Department in the District of Caguas, Miguel could face charges of aggravated assault for the damage he inflicted on his uncle/trainer. Additionally, Evangelista is also facing possible charges of assault, and destruction of property with respect to Miguel's apartment and automobile. Neither Miguel or Evangelista have expressed any interest in pressing charges, but Flores says the two men broke the law with their violent incidents. Elba Rivera Melendez has been assigned as the prosecutor to investigate the case.


"We are going to cite a case because there was an exchange of punches and a crime was committed. As police officers we have to address the situation because there were calls and a complaint," Flores said.


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