As previously reported on, Floyd Mayweather Jr. says facing UFC star Conor McGregor in a boxing ring “can happen” and is something that would “give the fans what they want to see.”

In a question-and-answer session Saturday in England, McGregor said he plans to put his UFC career on hold to pursue boxing and a bout with Mayweather, who hasn’t fought since September 2015.

Asked to respond before the Carl Frampton-Leo Santa Cruz rematch Saturday night in Las Vegas, Mayweather expressed enthusiasm for the matchup. He says he’d want the fight to be at either 147 or 150 pounds and be part of a Showtime pay-per-view package.

Many details would have to be worked out, but when asked if a deal could be struck, Mayweather said, “absolutely.”

UFC President Dana White, however, has warned McGregor of an "epic fall" if he attempts to go around his exclusive UFC contract in order to stage a boxing match with Mayweather.

McGregor believes that he can use the Muhammad Ali Act, which is geared to the boxing world, to prevent White from stopping the Mayweather fight from taking place - but he would rather avoid that scenario by having the UFC involved.

“Me and Floyd have got to get together and talk and figure it out the same way him and Manny (Pacquiao) figured it out,” McGregor said. “Once we come to a number, once we come to a set number that I’m happy with, that he’s happy with and then we go to the customers. Then we go to the promoters, the buyers and then we get it done. That’s next.

“I’ll go to Vegas, I’ll handle the commission or we’ll figure that situation out and then we’ll come to a dotted line and then we’ll go, but this is happening. I’m going to fly out there, fix it, I’m going to get my Las Vegas boxing (license) and then we’ll see where the f*** Floyd’s at!” That fight is more than being explored. That fight has been in the works for a while now. Look, there’s a lot of steps to get through to get the fight done but it’s the fight to make. It’s the fight that people want. It’s the fight I want. It’s the fight I know I’m confident going in there.”

“I believe [the fight can happen] with the Ali Act, I believe I can, especially now that there’s offers on the table. But I think it’s smoother if we’re all involved.  I think we’re all about good business. I’ve done great business with the UFC, with Dana, with everyone. I think it’s smoother if everyone just gets together, we get it involved, but again everyone’s got to know their place. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“I’ve got the reach, I’ve got the youth, I’ve got the confidence, I’ve got the unpredictable style. You can’t prepare for a style like me. A guy said to me ‘why conquer one world when you can conquer two’ so I’m going to go conquer two worlds. At the end of the day, it’s another day for me. My fist is bigger than his head, seriously. I know every single shot he’s been hit with. I know every single shot he’s been hurt with. I know southpaws have caused him a hell of a lot of trouble. I know everything. Trust me, I don’t care what rule set it’s under. Most people don’t know sh*t about fighting. I’m going to teach him about true fighting and that’s it. I land one anywhere on the dome, he’s going to know about it.”