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McDermott: Medical Scan Mistake Almost Cost Me My Life!

By Terence Dooley

Dudley’s Darren McDermott (17-2-1, 9 KOs) faced a fight to return to full health at the end of his boxing career after picking up a brain bleed while sparring in 2010 yet the former English middleweight titlist did not know that it would also be the beginning of a near decade long battle to find out how a mandatory medical scan failed to pick up on an existing aneurysm prior to the injury.

McDermott has revealed the extent of the injuries he suffered following a sparring session with Nathan Cleverly and the agony he had to endure after InHealth, a medical company that performs MRIs and health checks, failed to spot a brain aneurysm and passed on information to the BBBoC that prompted them to reissue his license, which in turn prompted his return to sparring.


The “Black Country Bodysnatcher” won an undisclosed fee from InHealth, but, as he told Birmingham Live, his family will pay the cost of this error for the rest of his life after he had to undergo emergency surgery to have the aneurysm removed. 

“I leant over to land a punch and Nathan hit me on the top of the head,” he said.

“When I was hit, the feeling was not like any other sensation I had experienced before.  I saw blood coming down my eyes, but when I looked in the mirror there was nothing there.  It freaked me out and I knew something was wrong.”

He added: “When the doctors told me I could never box again I felt like my arms and legs had been chopped off.  Boxing was everything to me.  I am so grateful to the hospital staff for saving my life but the last eight years have been a real struggle as my family tried to come to terms with how our lives had changed…I hold nothing against Nathan, he is blameless in this.  I should not have been put at risk by being allowed to continue fighting.”

McDermott has won an undisclosed payout from InHealth Ltd. and although it will be of little comfort to the former fighter, the healthcare company will now perform extra scans on boxers in order to avoid a repeat of this in future.

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