By Mark Vester

The WWE has released their first-quarter numbers to stockholders and investors. WrestleMania 24, featuring Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. The Big Show, did well below the WWE's expectations. The event had a buyrate of 1,058,000 million buys with a profit number of $23.8 million. During a recent conference call with investors, the company denied paying Mayweather anywhere close to $20 million dollars. Most insiders says the real number is closer to $5 million.

Last year's WrestleMania 23 featuring Donald Trump had a buyrate of 1,200,000 and made $24 million dollars. The company was hoping to surpass last year's number by a significant amount with the involvement of Mayweather. This year's WrestleMania was priced at $54.95, while the price tag for last year was $49.95.

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