By Jamie Micklethwaite, courtesy of The Daily Star

THE staggering amount of money Floyd Mayweather will earn for fighting Conor McGregor – even if he loses – has been revealed.

Floyd has bragged about earning upwards of $100 million for the fight, and a document revealed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission has shown that he is not lying.

“Pretty Boy” will take a home a guaranteed purse of $100 million no matter the result of the fight.

“Notorious” Conor McGregor has claimed that he also could make $100 million after the huge showdown, but the document has revealed his purse is more modest.

McGregor will pull in a guarantee of $30 million for his first pro-boxing match, which is ten times bigger than any he’s received in the UFC.

Both fighters are also expected to rake in more money from tomorrow morning’s fight through pay-per-view money and gate revenues.

If the Irishman pulls off the upset, he could also cost bookies up and down the country a fortune.

Daily Star Online revealed that Coral are expecting to lose around £50 million if he manages to defeat Floyd.

And Conor backers will have been buoyed for their final weigh-in, where Mayweather weighed four pounds lighter than his rival.

This led McGregor to mock the undefeated boxing great.

He said: “He looks blown out and out of shape. That’s the worst shape I’ve ever seen him.

“There is a saying ‘You’ll never beat the Irish’ and it is true. We roll in and take over.

“I will stomp my foot in the centre of that ring and let’s see how he takes it.”