By Mark Vester

Despite all of the rumors that are flooding about overseas, the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Juan Manuel Marquez bout will take place at 144-pounds. There have been rumors flying all over the United States and Mexico that Mayweather's side changed the weight to 147-pounds. Eric Gomez, vice-president of Golden Boy Promotions, says the contracts were signed for a weight range of 143 to 144-pounds and that's were the fight will take place when the boxers step in the ring on September 19 in Las Vegas.

"The fight was signed at 143 to 144-pounds, nothing more and nothing less. We heard the rumors but we didn't care [about them] until Juan Manuel contacted us and it definitely bothered us because we announced the fight and the only change that was made was the date," Gomez told The Record.

Gomez explained that just because the fight is being billed as a "welterweight fight" - does not mean the fight will take place at the welterweight limit.

"When a fight is agreed to take place between 141 to 147-pounds, it is called a welterweight fight because it breaks the category of junior welterweight [140]," Gomez said.

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