By Ernesto Castellanos,

Four division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez is still standing firm on a potential lawsuit against trainer Freddie Roach for defamation. Marquez says Roach's public comments placed him under microscope and hurt his reputation. Roach said Marquez's muscular body was "natural." Roach went as far as to say that he would "kiss [Marquez's] ass" if it was proven that his body was natural.  Marquez knocked out Roach's fighter, Manny Pacquiao, with a crushing right hand in the sixth round on December 8th in Las Vegas.

"This demand is on track, and also the ultimate consequences. Roach told me if I would would come out clean in the anti-doping tests, he would kiss my ass. THe Nevada Commission has announced that both Pacquiao and I were negative for doping. That means Roach has to kiss my ass, and then some. He openly said that I had doped, and now he has to pay the consequences," Marquez said.