By Miguel Rivera

A few days ago, Manny Pacquiao claimed that he was knocked out last December by a "lucky punch." In the sixth round of his fourth battle with Juan Manuel Marquez, the Filipino star was caught cold by a perfect counter that knocked him out.

"It's part of boxing....sometimes you lose and sometimes you win - and I think [Marquez] just got lucky, he got a lucky break in that fight," said Pacquiao.

In the opinion of Marquez, Pacquiao is making these comments in order to bait him into a fifth match. A fifth bout was offered to Marquez earlier this year, but he rejected the proposal and accepted an offer for less money to challenge WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley on October 12th. Marquez sees no reason to face Pacquiao for a fifth time.

"I think Manny Pacquiao is throwing out some bait and hoping that I catch it. A lot of people know that it was not a stroke of luck, I was practising [that punch] in the gym. I don't like to talk about it, but I used the same punch - two times- to drop a sparring partner [in training camp]. I said it [before the fight] that we knew each other so well that any change that [one of use would make] was going to be so important and so it turned out in my favor. We studied him and we worked hard on our power and to see if we could catch Pacquiao [with that punch]. [But no matter what he says] there will not be a fifth fight," Marquez said.