By Rey Colon

New York City, Madison Square Garden - Francisco Espinoza, the co-manager of Antonio Margarito, doesn't consider Saturday's outcome as a big revenge victory for WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto. After suffering an eleventh round knockout in 2008, Cotto got a measure of revenge with TKO win after nine rounds.

The ringside doctor was concerned with Margarito's badly swollen right eye and wouldn't allow him to continue beyond the ninth. But, Espinoza believes Cotto was very hurt and had little left. Espinoza felt the doctor stopped the fight as Margarito was starting to come on and Cotto's tank was starting to run empty.

"It wasn't a great victory for Cotto. It was a great victory for the doctor who was concerned about the swelling. Great victories are won by fighting. Margarito is a warrior. Cotto was very hurt, very hurt. We saw Cotto's finished expression when he was in the corner [before the start of the tenth]. He swelled up [Margarito's] eye, that's all he did," Espinoza said.