By Mark Vester

WBA welterweight champion Antonio Margarito says Golden Boy Promotions and Shane Mosley should stop complaining about his refusal to fight Mosley on January 24. Margarito turned down a 50-50 split that would have given both fighters $2 million dollars. Margarito felt that he was the bigger draw and that Mosley should not receiving an equal portion of the money. 

Margarito says that Oscar De La Hoya did the same exact thing. He refers to De La Hoya's comments prior to Margarito's knockout of Miguel Cotto in July. A few days before Cotto-Margarito took place, De La Hoya told media members that he wanted to fight the winner. After Margarito won, De La Hoya said that he wasn't interested in the fight. De La Hoya instead picked WBC lightweight champ Manny Pacquiao as the December 6 opponent.

"I don't need Mosley to continue with my career. De La Hoya did not keep his word. He turned his back on me and wasn't serious about what he said. I am doing the same exact thing so they shouldn't complain," Margarito told Deporte1.

Margarito said that he might return in Mexico before taking a rematch with Miguel Cotto next June.

"It's very possible that before I fight again with Cotto, I'll fight in Mexico with Tijuana as the possible location, but nothing is concrete," Margarito said.

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