By Salvador Rodriguez

Former welterweight champion Antonio Margarito (38-8, 27KOs), who retired last year and inactive since December 2011, admits that he does feel a "tickle" when he thinks about returning to the ring. Earlier this year there were rumors that Margarito, 35-years-old, was planning a return, but the Mexican fighter quickly denied that information. He took a lot of damage in his last two fights, bruising defeats to Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto.

"What I've done is started running, but I'm really focused on my family, my baby. I do feel the tickle [to return]. I'm not saying that I won't ever return, but I can not say that I will. I really feel that I do not have any outstanding debts with boxing. I did more than I've ever dreamed about. If the day comes when I [plan to return], I'll say something, but I would have to discuss it with my family and then we'll see," Margarito said.