By Mark Vester

Promoter Gary Shaw is very upset with the recent admission by Marcos Maidana that his back was never injured. Maidana had two scheduled opportunities to fight WBO junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley. He withdrew from the first date, scheduled in June, and said his back was injured and he needed more time to recover. A July date was then scheduled and Maidana once again withdrew with a back injury. Bradley will now face Carlos Abregu at 147-pounds on July 17.

Last week Maidana put out a letter where he admitted his back injury was non-existent. He said managerial and promotional problems were the real cause of his withdrawals from the two dates with Bradley.

"[When I found out] I was very angry at Maidana, his management and Golden Boy. To tell all of us and HBO that he's injured and make Timmy sit on the sidelines is just plain wrong. He lied and he should be punished for it," Shaw said.